Virtual adoption

Very often it happens, that despite good will, for different reasons you are not able to create a real home for a dog. In this situation virtual adoption is the best option. It will allow you take care of a dog remotely.
Virtual adoption is about co-participation in taking care of a dog by partial or total covering of the costs of living of one of the Foundation’s charge. This way of helping gives lots of satisfaction and joy to a Virtual Caretaker, and it lets us give the dog best care possible, without worrying about money.
So, if you have your favourite amongst our charges, if its faith is not indifferent to you and you wish to help it, but physically you cannot do it- become a Virtual Caretaker.


A Virtual Caretaker can be a legal person, an organization, a group of people (eg. a school, a class, a group of friends, family etc.) or a company (for which it can be an additional form of promotion).
If you wish to become a Virtual Caretaker, e-mail us on: with declaration of taking in virtual adoption one of our charges and transfer a decelerated sum of money to our Foundation’s bank account.


Fundacja Pomocy Goldenom AUREA
banking account: 79 2130 0004 2001 0444 8270 0001
in the title of the transfer please write: virtual adoption + dog’s name.


The money from virtual adoption is used entirely to cover costs of living that is: visits in clinic, food or payments for the hotel (in case of dogs, that are not staying in temporary homes).
The virtual caretaker decides themselves what amount of money he would wish to contribute for his charge’s living. The bigger it is, the better financial stability we have, and thanks to that, we can help dogs better and faster.
Virtual caretaker can also support their charge materially for instance by sending it some toys, accessories or treats.

Virtual caretaker will receive from us special acknowledgment. What is more, we shall place virtual caretaker’s name in the dog’s card on aur website. If a Virtual caretaker uses our forum, we will put a special information in his caption. A virtual caretaker may obviously stay anonymous, in this situation we would need to be informed about that.
It is possible to resign from virtual adoption at any time, without giving us the reason. In that case, we would just need to receive such information. We would wish to note that the Foundation does not return the money which has already been paid-in on dog’s virtual adoption account.
A dog being under our Foundation’s charge, may be adopted. In such situation virtual adoption is being terminated, and a Virtual Caretaker is being informed about that. A Virtual caretaker may then decide to become a virtual caretaker of a different dog.
One dog may have more than one virtual caretaker, and one virtual caretaker may adopt virtually more than one dog.

Many thanks to all Virtual Caretakers! Your help matters a lot!