Foster Home

Foster home (FH) is an indispensable and important element of our activity. Lack of FH limits or even makes it impossible to help Golden Retrievers successfully. Only by placing a dog in a household environment, we are able to assess and get to know its character, health condition, its customs, habits, its behaviour in everyday situations, its fears, attitude towards other animals and people, and at the same time prepare it properly for adoption and find the best fitting home.

Foster care over a dog in need is a very special experience. It demands a lot of involvement on the one hand, but on the other, it gives a great, incomparable joy and satisfaction.
Foster care over a Golden Retriever, besides being a great heart gift, is also a chance for people, who for different reasons, may not have more than one dog. It lets them to have contact with more than one dog in everyday situations.
For a dog being under our Foundation care, a foster home is a beginning of a new life. And even though for a foster carer a moment of saying goodbye is extremely difficult and touching, there is nothing greater than a feeling that yet another Golden Retriever has found its place on the earth.

We encourage and invite to help Golden Retrievers actively by becoming a foster home.

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